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Endeavour is a new project that will launch in June 2024. 


The aim is to facilitate a group of ten individuals whom because of physical, emotional or mental health support needs are currently unemployed; whom have artistic interest and are looking to explore this further with a consideration of working in this field. 


Over a three phase project we will provide a safe and inclusive space to form friendships, further develop artistic skills, improve confidence, meet mentors and gain knowledge about working in the arts. 


Phase 1  (Jun – Aug) – Getting to know each other, play with techniques, tutor lead art workshops, develop ideas, improve confidence. 


Phase 2 – (Sept – Nov) More tutor lead art workshops. Each participant will have aim to create a small body of work – Ideally 4 pieces


Phase 3 – (Mar – May) Meet mentors, tutor lead business workshops. Finalising the project with an exhibition at Art Mash.


This group is free to attend. 


It will be held on a Monday afternoon 1-4pm. 


If this group is of interest to you please get in touch with

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